Buzzmove’s innovative new product will target unengaged young consumers and help reduce underinsurance.

The customer is then offered home contents insurance quotes based on their personal inventory. It is an interesting example of a non-insurance company realising it has a wealth of data that is extremely valuable to insurers.

Reducing the time it takes for customers to receive quotes is a key trend in the home insurance market, with automation often used in the application process. Similarly, insurers have focused on making the process easier to understand by taking out harder questions – as highlighted in Aviva’s TV advert featuring a man being interrogated about the locks in his house.

Buzzmove’s product is the logical next step. Customers will automatically receive an accurate quote after they have booked a removal service, and the product removes the potential issue of being over or underinsured.

As per Insurance Business Magazine, the Association of British Insurers found that 28% of UK households had no contents insurance in 2018, so simplifying the process is essential. With it becoming harder and harder for younger generations – known as Generation Rent – to get on the property ladder, contents-only policies will continue to grow in popularity. Buzzmove’s approach will appeal to younger consumers, who are both more likely to move home and to arrange removals and insurance on smartphone apps.

It is essential that policies are created with this digital-savvy generation in mind. Buzzmove’s new product appears to be a great way to reach them while also combating underinsurance.

However, with the features that Buzzmove has, it wouldn’t be surprising if its target market was larger than the digital-savvy.


It isn’t only removals and insurance that buzzmove wants to transform. The firm has started a campaign initiative known as #buzzingfor50 to boost women in tech representation.

Furthermore, it has given itself the goal of 50/50 gender representation split in their company by 2019. Currently an internal movement, it hopes to push it elsewhere once its goals have been accomplished.

According to statistics, only 17% of the UK tech industry is made up of women. Furthermore, only 5% of start-ups are owned by women. buzzmove lies within that 5% thanks to its founder and CEO Becky Downing.

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