Prenetics is empowering individuals with personalised, preventative healthcare. Traditionally, people have taken a very reactive approach to their health - only really addressing illnesses after they become problematic. With a huge percentage of the burden on healthcare systems coming from ‘non-communicable disease’ – i.e. those which can be prevented through lifestyle changes, this reactive approach is often too little, too late. Prenetics have broken new ground thanks to the revolution in personal genomic science and technology, inspiring users to focus on a proactive approach to their health. More and more emphasis is being placed on chronic disease prevention using personalised lifestyle changes, nutrition, fitness and even predisposition to risks of certain cancers; The global expert in genomics aims to be the driving force behind this change.

The insurance industry is facing a paradigm shift, with personalisation happening across many sectors and products. With genomics representing the ultimate level of this shift towards personalisation.

When it comes to our health and longevity, knowledge is power. Whilst genetically we’re all almost identical (sharing 99.9% of our DNA), there are clear differences we can see such as eye and hair colour, and many others that we can’t see. That 0.1% is what makes us who we are – the mission is to help shine a light on these differences.

Understanding how we are built from a genetic perspective, allows us to better understand the lifestyle changes we should take to optimise our health. By understanding how our body responds to certain foods, nutrients and exercise, we can help improve our lifestyle choices more than if we were to follow the average public health guidelines. Prenetics use genetic data to help drive behavioural changes to assist in decreasing our risk of developing lifestyle health conditions such as obesity, cardiovascular disease or type II diabetes. When it comes to our nutrition habits, our DNA can tell us so much about how to optimise the way we eat. Everything from the way in which we respond to different food groups, the amount of certain vitamins we should aim for in our diet, or even the way our body reacts to caffeine consumption are part of our genetic makeup.

Prenetics is changing the way the world approaches health, fitness and nutrition.

“Advances in genetic technologies and new ways of interpreting genetic data enable us to better understand customer disease risks. When the customers are empowered with the knowledge of their disease risks in a personalised manner, they have stronger incentives to reduce their risks. Research studies show that healthy behaviours such as increased fruit and vegetable intake and regular exercise occur more in people who received personalised dietary recommendations compared to general dietary advice. Using strong scientific evidence and effective delivery mechanism such as mobile apps, Prenetics is committed to helping users to achieve their health goals. Scientific evidence supports that digital health technologies can effectively improve healthy behaviours. All these advances allow us to develop and implement personalised healthcare solutions.”

- Senthil Sundaram, Chief Clinical Officer, Prenetics

We offer a wide range of genetic products including pharmacogenomics, nutrigenomics, fitness genomics, chronic disease risk, cancer risk, precision wellness and family planning. Their owned HK laboratory helped over 200,000 people discover how their genes affect their diet needs, drug response and cancer risk.

The Group is rapidly expanding their global footprint with offices in Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, and Vietnam. They recently announced a JV with Berry Genomics to enter China’s consumer genetics market.

Prenetics have implemented white labelled health solutions for insurers within the Asian market and are currently expanding their expertise to the rest of the world. They offer more than just genetic products with successful integration of genetics into wellness platforms, providing engagement for both employees and customers.

“Having spent 10 years in the Global Employee Benefits Insurance Industry, when I discovered Prenetics I quickly saw the potential for the industry. We’re seeing incredible interest from all corners of the globe, with appetite rising strongly in Europe, as well as the Middle-East, Africa and the Americas. We started to roll this technology out to insurers outside of Asia in recent months and are already busy onboarding some great partnerships. In Life or Healthcare conferences, all we’ve heard and keep hearing about is how insurers would like to engage with their customers and how they would like to move from “Payer to Partner”. Whether they are Life Insurers or Health Insurers, they all see a great interest in bundling our products with Life & Health covers as well as with their riders such as Critical Illness for instance. We could think nutrigenomics and fitness genomics are the most popular as a marketing tool to attract new customers or increase retention but actually all products are raising interest and some insurers are impressively innovative in their approach of improving their customers’ health by empowering them”

Lara Varjabedian – VP Business Development Prenetics International

Prenetics was voted Hong Kong’s #1 Hottest Startup 2017 by Hong Kong Business Magazine.

Prenetics recently acquired DNAFit, a two times Queen’s Award-winning genetics company, founded by Avi Lasarow (CEO of Prenetics International). Led by a team of experienced life science entrepreneurs and academics, the DNAFit brand is synonymous with personalised fitness and nutrition.

Some of Prenetics’ off-the shelf products include DNAFit and Snapshot. DNAFit is an at-home nutrigenomics and fitness genomics test allowing customers to unlock their wellness DNA profile, supported by qualified dietician and sport science coaching, with genetically guided training and MealPlanner in one. SnapShot is the world’s first at-home blood testing platform to incorporate the interaction between genetic data and blood results, as the perfect addition to a DNAFit user. This is just a small taste of how we can support and change in the healthcare industry.

With financial backing from powerhouses such as Alibaba, Ping An, Prenetics and DNAFit are putting the power back into the hands of individuals. Everyone is unique, so it makes sense to have tailored solutions that speak directly to you. Partnering with a global genomics expert gives your customers the power to reach their health and fitness goals to ultimately become the best possible version of themselves.

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VP Business Development Prenetics International

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